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  • Frozen Bull Pizzle

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  • Frozen Chicken Feet

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    We are wholesale suppliers, bulk exporters of Chicken Feet . Our Chicken Feet is of HALAL and our advanced production facilities are ISO certified. With our current discount of 20%, our product has the best prices in the market.

    Update! * OEM custom labeling and customer preferred packing is now available.

    Weight / Sizes : 800 grams – 2500 grams

    Packaging : Vacuumed packing with transparent bag sticked label or colorful bag with customers brand.

  • Frozen Pork Feet

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    We supply frozen pork front/hind feet preliminarily cleaned from blood and contaminations and completely satisfy the sanitary requirements to treatment quality.the freezing of pork feet is made by shock technique up to the bone what gives the opportunity to stock the product in special terms for the long time not to be concerned about the loss of its value qualities.

  • Frozen Pork Ribs

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    Pork Ribs are great value, versatile and family favourite. Ribs are always a huge hit at barbecues but there is no need to wait for a sunny day to enjoy them. Try marinading them and slow roasting in the oven, for tender eating ribs. It’s comfort food at its best!