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Applications and usage
Usage method is based on actual production condition:
1. Direct adding adding 100g growing pig specialized compound enzyme directly per ton on the basis of the original formula
2. Formulation method
Adjusting the original material breed (just as increasing the volume of unconventional material) or the dosage of raw material to reduce the nutrient concentration, then adding growing pig specialized compound enzyme, thus making the enzyme adding formula cheaper than that of the original one, and achieving or exceeding the original formula feed effect.



Commodity: Feed additive: growing- pig specialized compound enzyme
Characteristics: Pertinence,high efficiency,advancement?

Feed Additive : Growing- pig specialized compound enzyme
Product characteristics
1 pertinence
Especially according to the digestive physiology characteristic of growing pig, reasonably match the proportion of different single enzyme, thus enhancing the utilization of feed.
2. High efficiency
One of the main enzymes, xylanase, which contain endonucleases of higher activity, can take effect thoroughly; other enzymes, thorough the optimum combination, also have high efficiency.
3. Advancement
Using genetic engineering with advanced technology, advanced liquid fermentation and stabilizing treatment.
4. Stability
Enzymes have high stability in the process of transportation and storage; Compound enzyme has broad Temperature Compatibility after packet processing and during granulating process, the enzyme activity still remains high.


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